High-tech prototype manufacturing and machining applications

At JG Machine, we've been doing it for over fifty years.

JG Machine first opened its doors in Woburn, Massachusetts in 1965.

  • About JG Machine

    JG Machine is a family-owned-and-operated precision machine shop located 25 miles north of Boston, MA. For over fifty years, we have provided a unique perspective to complex manufacturing designs with our extensive experience in the medical, aerospace and food industry.

    At JG Machine we take pride in our devotion to delivering precise and consistent service, while providing the customer with satisfaction at a minimum of added stress.

  • Four Reasons to Choose JG Machine

    • 1. Being a full-service manufacturer, we are capable of providing a finshed product complete with heat-treating and surface finishes
    • 2. We are comfortable working with a variety of metals including stainless steel and tool steels, aluminum, brass, copper, titanium and hastelloy as well as plastics and ceramics
    • 3. A select list of reliable, consistent vendors provides us with the same high level of quality with chemical finishes and films, heat-treating and welding
    • 4. A large, well-maintained inventory of raw materials prevents lengthy lead-times and high minimum purchase requirements, saving the customer time and money